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Xem The Land Before Time parody Thomas #2 online miễn phí

He’s my second Land before time parody Thomas i didn’t copyright anything!
After the Big Earth Shake Mavis was separated from Gordon, Rosie was separated from her family, Percy was separated from his family, Duck was never built yet, Thomas was lost from Henry & Molly, Then Thomas was upset that Daisy died and he had to go find the Island o Sodor by himself along with Percy, Rosie, Mavis & Duck then later Thomas, Mavis, Duck, Percy & Rosie had left the other railway by themselves and found the island of Sodor they made it was full of rails water, coal and wood and everything, Rosie was reunited with her family with Duck, Percy was reunited with his mother (Old Slow Coach) and his family, Mavis was reunited with Gordon, as for Thomas he found his Grandmother Molly and His Grandfather Henry at last. The same loving face he looked into on the day of his built so Thomas, Mavis, Rosie, Duck and Percy grew up together on the island generation upon generation a tale of their annceestors journey to the island long ago.
Thomas: Little-Foot
Mavis: Cera
Percy: Pertie
Rosie: Ducky
Duck: Spike
Gordon: Topsy (or Mr. Threehorn)
Henry: Grandpa Longneck
Old Slow Coach: Pertie’s mother
Skarloey railway: Pertie’s family
Daisy: Mrs. Longneck (uncredited)
Molly: Grandma Longneck

I might use Edward as Hyp’s Dad, Murdoch as Bron, Daisy as Momma Swimmer, Emily as Ali, Lady as Ruby, Toby as Tippy & Peter Sam as Chomper, And I might use Georgina (Gordon’s Sister) as Tria.

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