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Xem Ribbit (2014) Trailer (Malay) online miễn phí

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Here is the Ribbit trailer (Malay version), provided by Kartun Studio and Western Digital.

This 3D animated comedy features :

– Sean Astin as Ribbit, a frog with an identity crisis
– Russell Peters as Deepak, a bat with the answers to life’s questions
– Tim Curry as Terrence, a toucan with a flair for colours

The plot
All his life, Ribbit has felt different from all the other frogs. To find purpose in his life, Ribbit embarks on an incredible journey through the Amazon Rainforest. During this journey, Ribbit is accidentally hypnotised into believing he is a human prince trapped in a frog’s body. Convinced that he now understands why he is different, Ribbit heads out in his search for the Princess whose kiss will solve all his problems. Joined by his best friend, a female squirrel named Sandy, Ribbit encounters an amazingly zany cast of unique and colourful characters.

Western Digital’s Involvement

WD sponsored Kartun Studios’ storage requirements with a powerful render farm filled with TWO HUNDRED WD Re 4 TB datacenter-grade hard disk drives. That’s 800 TB of storage!

From the 9th of September until the 1st of March, they rendered the hardest 35 minutes of the movie on the WD Re drives at full load, 24/7 without a single drive failure.

That’s 174 days, or just over 835 THOUSAND HOURS, of non-stop, full load operation on 200 hard disk drives.

While WD Re drives are rated for a mean time before failure (MTBF) of at least 1.4 million hours, it’s good to see the Kartun Studios team partially prove it by running the drives in a full load, non-stop environment without even a single drive failure for almost 6 months.

Read more at https://www.facebook.com/159819074179392/photos/pb.159819074179392.-2207520000.1411986525./317754881719143/ and https://www.facebook.com/159819074179392/photos/pb.159819074179392.-2207520000.1411986525./317757078385590/

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